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CH Intimacy is a retail outlet for CH jewellers. The store was set up in order to target a younger segment of ‘walk in’ customers. The store is located in Centre Square, one of Baroda’s premier malls. The brief given by the client was that the store should be contemporary, youthful and targeted towards a medium segment of merchandising. The firm was given a free hand with the design- the only constraint was the budget.

The underlying theme of the store is the charcoal grey. This was chosen as the main color in the floor. A charcoal grey matte finish tile was selected in the flooring. The walls were treated in a color effect that resembled the flooring tiles. In addition to this a graphical element was incorporated in the form of a delicate line work motif that runs along the walls and over the displays. This was done by a renowned Baroda based artist Rajendra Dindodkar and his team. The line work was done using charcoal pencils as a medium.

A band of mirror terrazzo was used as a design element in the flooring. This band running from one mirror to a mirror on an opposite wall cuts diagonally across the floor creating quite a dramatic effect in the form of light, which is reflected off the broken mirrors on the walls of the store.

Since it is a jewelry store the lighting plays an important role. Lighting needed to be done so as to best highlight the jewelry on display. Halogens and CDMT lamps were used to achieve this.

Project Fact file

  • Client’s Name: Mr. Paresh Soni
  • Showroom Area:1000 sq ft
  • Design Team: Dipen Gada, Yatin Kavaiya
  • Photography: Ashish Mistry